Photo Gallery
Solar at its finest
Valley Springs, CA 9-kW Grid tie
Mt. Ranch, CA  12.20-kW Grid Tie
Ground Mount.
San Jose, CA  2-kW Grid-Tie with Battery Back Up
Roof Mount
Murphys, CA 4.5-kW Grid-Tie Custom Patio Mount
Angels Camp, CA 9-kW Grid Tie
Ground Mount
Lodi, CA  11.5-kW Grid-Tie Roof Mount
Lodi, CA 3-kW Grid-Tie Tile Roof Mount
Plymouth, CA 3-kW Off-Grid Power Station
Jackson, CA  5-kW Roof Mount
My House
Copperopolis, CA  9 kW Ground Mount
Somerset, CA  6 kW grid-tie Roof Mount
Angles Camp 4.5-kW Grid-Tie on the Barn
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San Andreas, CA 3.0 kW Pole Mount
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